Physical Therapy

Why Would You Need Physical Therapy?

  • Delayed gross motor skills (e.g. unable to roll, sit, or walk).
  • Demonstrates abnormal movement (e.g. sways from side to side when walking, or seems to be weaker on one side of their body).
  • Decreased range of motion or atypical muscle tone (e.g. “stiff” arms or legs, “floppy” arms or legs, legs cross or “scissor”).
  • You have questions about mobility equipment (walkers or wheelchairs) or AFOs (braces for feet and ankles).
  • Poor balance or poor motor planning (e.g. poor coordination).
  • Recovering from orthopedic surgery and needs physical assistance of any kind.
  • Decreased endurance and is unable to participate in community activities.

Conditions for Physical Therapy

  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Orthopedic Injuries
  • Problems with Feet
  • Problems with neck and back
  • Post-Surgical Rehab
  • Muscle Cramps / spasms
  • Mobility Equipment

Therapy Central Locations

  • 5309 N. McColl
    McAllen, Tx 78504
    Ph: (956)664-1819
    Fax: (956)994-8299
  • 301 S. Broadway
    Elsa, Tx 78543
    Ph: (956)262-7810
    Fax: (956)262-7816
Physical Therapy

Our Services

  • Speech Therapy Focus on Language, Articulation, Social Communication, Difficulty Swallowing with Foods/Liquids, and Fluency.
  • Occupational Therapy Focus on Fine Motor Skills, Self-care Skills, Sensory Processing Difficulties, Visual Motor/Perceptual Skills, Adaptive Equipment.
  • Physical Therapy Focus on Gross Motor Skills, Abnormal Movements, Developmental Delays, Orthopedics and Mobility Equipment.
  • Aquatic Therapy Focus on Arthritis, Post-Surgical Rehab, Hip/Knee Replacements, Low Back Pain, Cervical Pain and many others
  • Social Services Focus on socioeconomic and
    psychosocial issues